Yammer-office Photo credit: The Next Web


Make scheduling simple and social with sched.do. sched.do is your personal administrative assistant here to free you from the headache of scheduling. Simply create any kind of event - a team meeting, group lunch, holiday party or coffee with friends - then invite attendees to vote on the best date and time.

The sched.do application was created by Yammer in partnership with thoughtbot. The code is open-source and available on GitHub. It is tightly integrated with the Yammer API and showcases Yammer integrations such as logging in with Yammer (OAuth2), activity stories, messaging your coworkers, messaging groups, and open graph. sched.do integrates with the Yammer API using the Yam gem.

Once you log in via Yammer and begin to enter text into the invitee field, sched.do uses Yammer's autocomplete endpoint to suggest groups and users to invite. Groups and users are invited to the event via Yammer private messages and group postings, respectively. Invitees can also be reminded to vote on an event using private messages.

Open Graph

An Open Graph object is created for each sched.do event and an Open Graph Object Feed appears at the bottom of each sched.do event. As the Yammer documentation states, "OG feeds can effectively become a commenting system for internal blogs or any line of business application." Using the Open Graph feed, any company can have a comment thread about a sched.do event that is seamlessly integrated with its Yammer network. In addition, event creation, updates, sharing, and voting are all shared as activity stories on a user's Yammer network via Yammer's Open Graph integration.